Pack of Shirts


The cards I have to share with you today are 3 shirt and tie cards…

shirt & tie - blue

I made 3 different colour combinations

shirt & tie - black

to suit 3 different men.

shirt & tie - grey

These are great cards for both birthday or Father’s Day.

I have been asked for the instructions to make this card, so I thought it would be easier to show you my template –


Conversion table 

3.5cm = 1 3/8″    21cm = 8″    7.5cm = 2 7/8″    10.5cm = 3 3/8″    2cm = 6/8″         

12cm =  4 6/8″     6cm = 2 3/8″     9.5cm = 3 6/8″     4.5cm = 1 6/8″     5cm = 2″       

I covered the front of my card (A4 folded in half) in patterned paper, leaving only a small border, so you could see the coloured card.

Then using the template above, I cut out a collar (the measurement to the point of the collar is 6cm – I missed it off!) and the pocket in the same paper.

The tie, knot and top of pocket are cut out of card stock and I sponged around them all in the same colour ink.

I glued down the tie. The knot was glued at the top, but I used a dimensional at the base, to give it some lift.

The collar was adhered using dimensionals, but used a glue dot were the collar overlaps the knot.

The top of the pocket is glued onto the patterned paper pocket and then adhered with dimensionals.

To finish I added a button and tie pin with my sentiment on.

Thank you for stopping by

Deborah x


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  1. Thanks a lot for your clear concise instructions. I just finished an American Psycho themed bloodsplatter suit card. Complete with business card in pocket.

  2. Oh my gosh, I don’t do centimeters since I am from the U.S. Do you remember me? I live in Camarillo, California and said I hope sometimes if you come to the States you can visit. Hugs, Joyce

    • Hi Joyce,

      Yes I do remember you…. I hope this helps –
      3.5cm = 1 3/8″
      6cm = 2 3/8″
      21cm = 8″
      7.5cm = 2 7/8″
      10.5cm = 3 3/8″
      2cm = 6/8″
      12cm = 4 6/8″
      9.5cm = 3 6/8″
      4.5cm = 1 6/8″
      5cm = 2″

      Deborah x

      • Thanks so much Deborah. I love everything you create and just don’t know centimeters. I wish I did. Too old to learn now. Hope everything is going well with you and the family. Keep up the creating! Joyce

      • You are very welcome Joyce. I tend to jump between cm’s and inches, depending on what I am doing, so it was not a problem.
        We are all very well thank you Joyce and trust your family and lovely dogs are well too. Keep crafting and enjoy making. Love Deborah x

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